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Before the Rainbow Bridge...

What is "Before the Rainbow Bridge"?

We love our dogs.  You love your dogs.  We want to help capture the special moments in your dog's life so that you have mementos of your time together.

We are filming a Bark Mitzvah this summer and we are looking forward to working with you to create a one of a lifetime film for you to have forever.

Pepper's bark mitzvah with a crowd of people.

Our first Bark Mitzvah 

We found ourselves on a rooftop, surrounded by pups and ready to go. Imagine this: a Bark Mitzvah extravaganza up in the open sky, and to amp up the stakes, we decided to tackle not just one, not two, but a whopping seven interviews all within three hours. Ready to roll? Let's break down this canine adventure, where we embraced the chaos, and emerged with an awesome t-shirt and some great stories.


Our journey started way up high, overlooking Jersey City. We geared up to capture an unforgettable Bark Mitzvah bash, and let me tell you, filming a furry friend's special day is like nothing else. From those energetic tail wags to capturing the laughter of the human guests, we had our lenses working overtime to capture every single moment.


We had a Canine Superstar, our furry guest of honor Pepper! She stole the show with boundless energy and excitement all while wearing a yarmulke and prayer shawl. Filming her four-legged guests requires a mix of patience and a keen eye for capturing those spontaneous moments that reveal their true personalities.


One problem we faced was the Interview Marathon. Before the rooftop Bark Mitzvah hullabaloo, we hadn't started just yet. We jumped right into it – seven interviews in a mere hour. We're talking about juggling logistics, equipment, and a whole bunch of personalities that kept us on our toes.


Challenge one: The Race Against Time. With each interviewee, we had a tight window to capture their essence. This meant getting straight to the point, all while keeping that clock in check. 


And then there's Challenge two: Setting the Scene. While preparing for the rooftop frenzy, creating an intimate atmosphere for these interviews was like crafting a masterpiece. Fortunately we were able to use an amazing office with a colorful custom mural that made it look like we spent hours setting up the shot.


We had the most amazing time.  Pepper and her family were great to work with, the guests were a ton of fun to interview and we got to witness Pepper’s Bark Mitzvah.  


So, here's the takeaway: Embrace the chaos, conquer the challenges, and keep those cameras rolling. Whether it's a rooftop Bark Mitzvah or a rapid-fire interview marathon, remember to keep that adrenaline pumping, and your heart in the game. Until our next adventure, keep chasing those stories! 🎬🔥

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