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Videography and Audio Production in the Hudson Valley

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​A unique music and video production studio that can create a one of a kind  package

Introducing Before the Rainbow Bridge: Pet Videography

Pepper the dog.
Pepper's Bark Mitzvah by Wading Nine Productions.
Crowd of people sitting a Pepper's bark mitzvah.

Our first Bark Mitzvah!










Sally Naramore being interviewed
Alana Hauptmann being interviewed
Mayor Kamal Johnson being interviewed
Linda Mussmann interviewed

We are currently in production of an untitled documentary concerning the effects of Gentrification on the city of Hudson NY.

Thoughts on music video production after working on Breach the Asylums video “Desperate Times” As I’ve worked in music video production, I've come to understand how crucial it is to pay attention to the message behind the song. Music videos can be an incredibly powerful tool to address sensitive topics that are often difficult to discuss, such as suicide. It's crucial to encourage conversations around these issues and provide support to those who need it. Making this video for Breach the Asylum really helped me to craft their lyrics into a hopefully impactful video, One experience that left a lasting impact on me was when Kellianne Mackey, a woman who works at a church, appeared in the video for the band. Her role in the video was significant, and her appearance in her clerical clothes helped to bring the band's message to life. This experience taught me that music videos are not solely about the technical aspects of production, but also about the people involved and the impact the message can have on viewers. I was impressed by the performances of many people, including Kellianne Mackey, who looked very upset during their scene. Being part of music video production has been rewarding for me. It allows me to combine creativity, technical skill, and my passion for music. Whether working behind the scenes or in front of the camera, there are numerous opportunities available. As technology evolves, so too will the opportunities for music video production, and I look forward to seeing how the industry continues to grow and innovate in the years to come. It's essential to recognize the power of the message behind the music and lyrics in music video production. These videos can serve as a platform to address vital and often difficult topics, such as suicide in Breach of the Asylum’s video Desparate TImes, and it's crucial to use this platform to encourage conversations and provide support.

Got my drone license without completly losing my mind... When I became interested in becoming a drone videographer, I had to become a licensed drone pilot, and attending Drone Pilot Ground School was a great option to consider. With the rise of drone technology, the demand for licensed pilots had increased significantly in recent years. Drone Pilot Ground School could provide me with the education and training I needed to become a skilled drone pilot, all from the comfort of my own home. I thought I could self study with some YouTube videos and a test prep book, but this turned out to be the best path for me. One of the main advantages of attending Drone Pilot Ground School was that I could complete the coursework at my own pace. This allowed me to balance my drone license with other commitments, such as work or family responsibilities. Additionally, Drone Pilot Ground School often offered flexible scheduling, so I could choose when to attend classes or complete assignments to become a drone videographer. Another benefit of attending Drone Pilot Ground School was that I had access to top-quality instruction and resources. Many Drone Pilot Ground Schools employed experienced instructors who were licensed drone pilots themselves. They could offer valuable insights and guidance as I learned how to fly drones safely and legally. Additionally, I had access to high-quality video tutorials, training materials, and practice exercises that helped me hone my skills. This helped a lot when it came to understanding the legal and scientific aspects of being a drone videographer When I attended the Drone Pilot Ground School, I also had the opportunity to connect with other students and professionals in the field. Many Drone Pilot Ground Schools offered online forums, chat rooms, or social media groups where I could ask questions, share advice, and network with others. This was a great way to build relationships and gain insights into the industry. Overall, attending Drone Pilot Ground School was an excellent way for me to become a licensed drone pilot. With the convenience, flexibility, and quality instruction that Drone Pilot Ground Schools offered, I gained the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed. They also had a money back guarantee if I did not pass the FAA test. I passed and am now a licensed UAG pilot. If you are interested in flying drones and becoming a drone videographer, I would have enroll in Drone Pilot Ground School. And as a side note, I don’t get any compensation for this- I’m just grateful this resource exists and I wanted to share it.

Eric Sargain of Wading Nine Productions walking in an open field in Hudson Valley, NY

How I started doing all of this as a second career If you're thinking about starting a video production company or becoming a videographer, these are some tips that can help you get started. It’s been a learning process every day, and I still have so much to learn, but this is one way to start. Firstly, I recommend gaining experience by working with clients as soon as I was comfortable with my equipment. I started by collaborating with small businesses and non-profit organizations to learn the necessary skills and build up my reel. I found that producing high-quality commercial video production work in exchange for testimonials, helped me form a solid foundation for my portfolio and led to paid work. I’ve had to develop a range of technical skills, including working with green screens, which are frequently used in the industry. I spent countless hours learning how to use them, which has enabled me to add a whole new level of creativity to my work. Additionally, investing in top-quality equipment and software such as Red Komodo, Black Magic and Canon cameras, lighting, and editing software has allowed me to produce work to a high standard and shows potential clients that I am investing in my company so there product is showcased with top of the line production Marketing your business and establishing your brand are also critical considerations. For me, creating a website, social media profiles, and networking with potential clients has been a difficult but necessary step to help me begin to build a strong client base. I also optimized my website for SEO keywords such as Video production company, Videographer, and Commercial video production, which has helped me attract more clients.. Maintaining a solid reputation is also vital, so I always aim to provide high-quality work and communicate effectively with my clients. Building relationships with clients is crucial to the success of my business, soI always want to ensure that I deliver the work on time and within budget. Starting a video production company takes hard work, dedication, and skill. I’m working everyday to establish this business and build a client base. I’m willing to do anything to get my production company off the ground and that means a diverse client base. One day, I’m digitizing a personal collection of music, the next a commercial for a local grocery store and I’m getting ready to create promotional videos for an aspiring pro wrestler. I love the variety of this job and I’m looking forward to many years as a videographer

Wadin Nine Productions setting up an interview with professional lighting and sound
Eric Sargain of Wading Nine Productions in Hudson Valley holding a camera on a tripod.


Wading Nine Productions opened in June 2022 and is a short train ride from New York City. Videographer, recording engineer and composer in the Hudson Valley prepared to personalize your project.  Custom music from our Universal Audio and Pro Tools based recording studio, voice overs using our vocal booth and experienced audio production guarantee a unique video for your project.  Need a new perspective? Our 5k drone can help capture your event or your property.  Feeling creative? Utilize our RED KOMODO 6k, Canon eos C70,  BMPC4k and GoPro Hero 11 cameras to turn a dream into reality.  Live events can add flair with our DMX light systems and QSC/EV based PA system. We are located east of the Hudson river in the beautiful Hudson Valley. 

Engineering, Mixing,  Mastering

Wading Nine Productions music recording studio in Hudson Valley, NY
Wading Nine Productions music recording studio in Hudson Valley, NY

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