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Commercial budget guide

Producing a 30 second commercial encompasses a variety of approaches, each with its own associated costs. This compilation of budget options aims to assist you in determining the direction you wish your creative vision to pursue.


This budget accommodates a commercial comprising static images, a skilled voice-over artist, and artwork supplied by the client


Option 1: This budget facilitates the production of an on-location commercial featuring a single talent, hair and makeup services, a professional voice-over, and additional voice actors.

Option 2: This budget caters to a testimonial-style commercial designed to showcase your systems, products, or services. It also incorporates an animated logo at the conclusion.


This budget is tailored to accommodate a commercial production that can be filmed in one or two locations. It provides the versatility to showcase 1-2 talents, whether they appear together or individually. The production will be overseen by a team of two to three individuals, which includes Hair and Makeup (HMU) services as well as craft services. We also offer the option of including a third camera to capture the client's work in progress, based on their request. Furthermore, within this budget range, we allocate resources for securing a professional voice-over artist and obtaining the necessary audio bed licensing.


This budget allocation accommodates a two-day commercial shoot, with a film crew consisting of two to three individuals. This team includes Hair and Makeup (HMU) services and craft services. Additionally, we have the capability to assist in sourcing professional actors, blending them with our faculty and staff to serve as our talent pool. Within this budget framework, we also allocate resources for securing a skilled voice-over artist and obtaining the essential audio bed licensing.


This budget empowers the creation of a commercial that will be filmed at various locations. We will assemble a talent crew comprising 4-5 individuals, ensuring the inclusion of craft services, Hair and Makeup (HMU) services, and the ability to help source professional actors as needed. Our budget accounts for basic graphic animations, titling, and the integration of sound effects. Furthermore, we allocate resources for securing a skilled voice-over artist and obtaining the essential audio bed licensing, which may extend to the creation of original music compositions if necessary.

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